Safety Tips

Faulty electrical wiring or equipment and misuse of electrical appliances are usually the main causes of hazard at homes. Here are some tips for electrical safety to use electricity / appliances at home in a safe manner to avoid accidents at home:

  • When not in use, unplug all appliances
  • A hairdryer can electrocute you if it falls into a pail of water, or sinks in a bathtub.

  • Use the correct size and ISI make of fuse
  • Incompatibility will cause excess current to flow in electrical appliances and house wiring. This can damage electrical appliances and can also lead to fire.

  • Never replace a burn-out fuse with other materials
  • Wires or other conductors will not break in case of short circuit.

  • If light switches or outlets feel warm to the touch, turn them off
  • Call a qualified electrician to immediately check the wiring and condition of switches.

  • Avoid "octopus connections"
  • Overloading might occur if multiple cords are connected to outlets designed for only one or two plugs and can lead to burning of supply socket.

  • Warn kids not to peep and poke at electrical outlets
  • Shield exposed outlets with detachable plastic cover plugs to avoid electrocution specially, which can easily be touched by kids.

  • Electrical cords
  • Extension cords should be used only when necessary and for temporary use only. It is not a substitute for the permanent or fixed wiring.

    Keep all electrical cord away from areas where they may be pinched, such as off the floor, out of walkways, and out of doorways. When possible, move the electrical appliances closer to the outlet.

    The extension cord should never be stapled or nailed to the surface.

    The appliances should be unplugged by removing the plug and not by pulling the cord.

  • Place TV sets away from windows
  • Rainwater, if it enters the TV housing will cause electrical shock. Also, avoid placing vases, drinking or wine glasses on top of TV sets. The TV set should not be covered with a cloth / plastic cover when it is on. This can lead to sustaining of heat inside the TV set, which may damage the set.

  • Keep small objects away from TV sets
  • Paper clips, nails and other small metal objects are conductors of electricity. They will cause electrical shock.

  • Only licensed electricians should handle electrical problems

    Electricity is hazardous, so only qualified electrician should handle any electrical related maintenance activity.

  • Visual Inspection before use

Do not use any appliances or extension cord that shows signs of damaged insulation or exposed wiring. To ensure safe operation, all electrical equipment should be visually inspected before they are used.

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