Pre Paid Metering System

The Inspiration

In June of 2001, a BUET project on prepayment scheme was awarded first prize in a world wide design competition organized by IAS(International Application Society) of IEEE(Institute of Electrical & Electronic engineers) held in Chicago, USA.

DESCO quickly extended it’s financial help to lead this venture of achievement in the form of Comercial meter.

On this regard the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology(BUET) has developed the design and the prototype of the commercial form of the running Pre-Paid Meter to the consumer end.

In order to facilitate continuous supply of pre-paid meter in future, DESCO has set up a "Pre-paid meters Production Unit" with the technical assistance of IICT, BUET at Mirpur.

In First phase 5000 single phase meters are supplied by BUET from there production house.In the second phase, another single phase 5000 meter and 1000 three phase meter are produce in DESCO’s own production house. All the meters are installed in Uttara residential area. Presently 12000 meter production is going on. All the meters will be used in Uttara residential area. Planning all most complete for another 1,00,000 pre-paid meter. After production these meters will be used in other residential area like Gulshan, Banani, Mirpur and Baridhara.

A modern consumer friendly pre-paid metering system has been introduced for the valued consumers of the capital by DESCO. This Prepaid metering system is a two-way communication based on smart card technology that allows the customers to charge their advance electricity bill through DESCO's vending station in the SMART CARD.

At the time of re-charging the vending stations computer reads and receives all the consumption information of the consumer in the consumer-database, which helps to analyze the consumer's electricity use behavior. After re-charging when consumer inserts his/her SMART CARD into the Meter, the meter reads the card and downloads the amount of electricity bill that has been paid for in the vending station. The implementation of prepaid meters helped DESCO to improve revenue collections and reduce system loss as well.

How does a pre-payment scheme works?

  • The basic Principle of Prepayment is to buy Energy in advance and inform the meter in some ways.
  • The credit stored is deducted as per energy usages and the meter will cut the output line as the credit reaches zero.
  • If the consumers buy more credit and recharges, he can enjoy energy usage without discontinuity.
  • Vending Stations are used to sell credit to the consumers.
  • A number of vending stations are connected to a System Master Station (SMS). The SMS is used to process the data centrally.

Features of the pre-payment system

  • Easy to add credit to the meter through smart card
  • Warning for low credit
  • Negative credit during Friendly hours/Holidays
  • Emergency credit
  • Data exchange between meter and the utility
  • Tamper protection
  • Abnormal voltage protection
  • Non-allowance of over sanctioned load
  • Automated record keeping
  • No outstanding
  • Advance collection of bills
  • No need for meter reader and billing
  • Reduce down the confusion in between the house owner and the tenant.

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