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bod md dir1 dir2 dir3 dir4 dir5 com_sec gm_dev gm_plan_design gm_no gm_snd gm_proc gm_fin gm_admin dgm_proj dgm_dev dgm_plan dgm_ss dgm_snd dgm_mat dgm_proc dgm_fin dgm_acc dgm_ict dgm_admin dgm_hrm dgm_audit mngr_proj mngr_dev mngr_sysplan mngr_test mngr_snd mngr_mat mngr_bank mngr_ict mngr_logic mngr_recruit mngr_audit mngr_com_sec mngr_met_plant mngr_design mngr_grid mngr_mv_ss mngr_proc mngr_snd_act mngr_corp_act mngr_legal mngr_trng mngr_monitor

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