As Per the below mentioned circular The List of NOCs are as follows:

ID Name Designation Place of posting NOC (click on NOC No)
0199 Engr. Jyotish Chandra Roy Project Director Augmentation and
Rehabilitation of Distribution System in DESCO Area
0333 Mst. Aleya Khatun Senior Office Assistant Kafrul S & D Division
1495 Golam Rabbani Assistant Engineer Agargaon Sales & Distribution Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/1508
0071 Md. Nasir Uddin Miah Executive Engineer D & M P Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/1480
0085 Mr. Md. Fozle Rabbani Assistant Engineer Tongi West S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2184
0751 Md. Raihan Arafin Sub-Divisional Engineer P&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2249
0791 Mohammed Khalid Omar Nizami Sub-Divisional Engineer Administration Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2224
1145 Mr. Golam Mowla Siddiki Junior Assistant Engineer Shah Ali S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2222
1556 Mafuza Akhter Office Assistant Baridhara S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2256
1748 Mohammad Nafid Hasan Galib Assistant Engineer Uttara S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2223
201 Mr. Tapon Biswas Sub-Assistant Engineer Shah Ali S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2221
1485 Md. Shariar Parvez Assistant Engineer Project Director (Distribution) Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2268
1494 Rabeya Akhter Assistant Engineer JoarShahara S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2269
1132 Iftakhar Al Mahmud Assistant Engineer ICT Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2294
0312 Md. Asaduzzaman (Bakul) Office Assistant Pallabi S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/1743
---- Jobuydul Kadri Senior Office Assistant ------ Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/632
0149 Md. Soroar Hossain Assistant Engineer Tongi West S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2457
1474 Sobuj Kumar Ray Assistant Engineer Uttara West S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2455
0575 Lushy Sultana Afridi Senior Office Assistant Rupnagar S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2456
1453 Mahammud Kaysar Assistant Engineer Finance Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2458
0282 Hafiza Akter Senior Office Assistant P&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2520
0175 Mohammad Jahir Uddin Sub Assistant Engineer Baridhara S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2513
0541 Morsheda Sultana Assistant Engineer Gulshan S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2552
0369 Rabeya Khatun Senior Office Assistant Kafrul S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2512
1310 Md. Raju Mia Sub Station Attendant Kafrul S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2510
1290 Md. Rashed Rana Sub Station Attendant II Administration Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2520
1662 Md. Ruhul Amin Messenger Office of Chief Engineer (S & D Operation) Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2509
0991 Salma Khatun Meter Assembler-1 Uttara West S & D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2626
0204 Md. Masud Rana Sub-Assistant Engineer Pallabi S & D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2629
0639 Mohammad Dadon Miah Senior Office Assistant Badda S & D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2628
0914 Niger Sultana Office Assistant (Billing) Badda S & D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2627
0930 Md. Johurul Islam Junior Assistant Manager Uttara East S & D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2704
0808 Md. Atikur Rahaman Sub Assistant Engineer Baridhara S & D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2653
0362 Firuza Akter Office Assistant (Billing) Pallabi S & D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2695
1232 Moheuddin Alam Office Assistant Gulshan S & D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2699
1761 Tanzila Yasmin Office Assistant Rupnagar S & D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2700
1101 Jayanta Kumar Saha Assistant Engineer Office of the Chief Engineer (D&P) Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2736
1594 Md. Emran Hossain Khan Office Assistant Dakshinkhan S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2758
0133 Sudhir Shaha Sub Assistant Engineer Kafrul S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2863
1090 Md. Nasir Uddin Sub Assistant Engineer Tongi S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2838
1108 Md. Ziadur Rahman Office Assistant Tongi West S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2837
0266 Md. Mafrul Sadique Assistant Engineer Monipur S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2889
0518 Nelufer Yesmin Senior Office Assistant Joarsahara S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2931
1604 Muhammad Ferdouch Alam Office Assistant (Revenue) Tongi West S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/3000
1451 Mahe Uddin Assistant Manager Company Secretariat Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2875
1022 Mr. Reazul hossain Talukder Deputy Manager Estate & Legal Affairs Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/84
0060 Md. Mafizul Islam Bhuiyan Superintending Engineer & Chief Engineer Additional Charge Planning & Design Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/81
0600 H.M Mahmudul Hasan Meter Reader Cum Bill Server Uttarkhan S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/77
1305 Istiack Ahamad Sub Station Attendent-2 Uttara (East) S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/76
0540 Mohammed Zahirul Islam Office Assistant (Billing) Administration Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/34
0902 Mohammad Jakker Hossain Sub-Divisional Engineer Agargaon S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/142
0472 Md. Amzad Hossain Assistant Manager Finance & Accounts Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/137



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