As Per the below mentioned circular The List of NOCs are as follows:

ID Name Designation Place of posting NOC (click on NOC No)
0017 S. M. Zamil Hussain
Wife :Nasreen Nahar
Daughter: Zaima Nudrat Hussain
Deputy General Manager Internal Audit Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/692
0113 Md. Wahidul Islam Akanda Assistant Engineer Baridhara S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/711
0250 Md. Rubel Alam Sub Assistant Engineer Grid &Protection Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/705
1013 Shekh Saiful Islam Sub-Divisional Engineer Kafrul S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/704
0237 A. K. M. Mozammel Haque Bhuiyan Sub Assistant Engineer Monipur S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/699
0148 Md. Rafiqul Islam Menon Assistant Engineer ShahAli S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/691
1501 Mohammad Arifur Rahman Assistant Manager Badda S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/685
1108 Md. Ziadur Rahman Office Assistant Tongi West S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2837
0266 Md. Mafrul Sadique Assistant Engineer Monipur S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2889
0518 Nelufer Yesmin Senior Office Assistant Joarsahara S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2931
1604 Muhammad Ferdouch Alam Office Assistant (Revenue) Tongi West S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/3000
1451 Mahe Uddin Assistant Manager Company Secretariat Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2016/2875
1022 Mr. Reazul hossain Talukder Deputy Manager Estate & Legal Affairs Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/84
0060 Md. Mafizul Islam Bhuiyan Superintending Engineer & Chief Engineer Additional Charge Planning & Design Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/81
0600 H.M Mahmudul Hasan Meter Reader Cum Bill Server Uttarkhan S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/77
1305 Istiack Ahamad Sub Station Attendent-2 Uttara (East) S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/76
0540 Mohammed Zahirul Islam Office Assistant (Billing) Administration Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/34
0902 Mohammad Jakker Hossain Sub-Divisional Engineer Agargaon S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/142
0472 Md. Amzad Hossain Assistant Manager Finance & Accounts Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/137
1496 Salim Reza Assistant Manager Accounts Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/37
0045 Md. Mamunor Rashid
Wife :Shahida Shultana
Daughter: Aritri Rashid
Daughter: Aroni Rashid
Manager HRM Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/196
1754 Muhammad Tarikul Islam Assistant Manager Administration Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/199
1416 Suvash Chandra Dakua Sub-station Attendent-2 Joar Shahara S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/185
0824 Mohammad Moazzem Hossain Office Assistant (Revenue) Tongi West S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/252
0242 Md. Enamul Haque Superintending Engineer (S & D Operation), Gulshan Zone Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/316
1483 Md. Rajib Ali Assistant Engineer Baridhara S & D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/309
0380 Mohammad Hasibbuzzaman Field Assistant Tongi East S & D division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/310
0825 Sk Arifa Akhter Rema Office Assistant (Billing) Sub-Station & Network Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/383
1581 Md. Asadul Haque Office Assistant (Billing) Uttara (West) Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/399
1053 Shah Md. Emran Deputy Manager Accounts Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/469
0204 Md. Masud Rana Sub-Assistant Engineer Pallabi S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/2629
0017 S.M Zamil Hussain Deputy General Manager Internal Audit Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/597
0132 Md. Mizanur Rahaman Junior Assistant Manager Joarsahara S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/549
0936 Saleh Kazbin Junior Assistant Manager Internal Audit Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/596
0828 Mosharef Hossain Bhuiyan
Wife :Salma Akhter
Daughter: Turaba Tasnim
Assistant Engineer Agargaon S&D Division Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/771-773
1087 Md. Saber Ali Junior Assistant Manager M P & S Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/487
1066 Md. Shahin Ibne Rafiq Sub Divisional Engineer D & MP Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/855
1016 Md. Ebadul Haque Sub Divisional Engineer D & MP Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/856
0190 Mohammad Main Uddin Assistant Engineer Tongi (East) S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/850
0060 Md. Mafizul Islam Bhuiyan Superintending Engineer P & D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/939
1869 Asif Al-Razi Ahmed Assistant Manager Joarshahara S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/956
1588 A.K.M Zahirul Karim Field Assistant Dakshinkhan S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/955
0555 Kazi Zeeshanur Rauf Sub Assistant Engineer Joarsahara S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/978
0975 Sanzida Sarmin Suma Office Assistant (Billing) Shah Ali S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/1124
1628 Setaur Rahman Assistant Meter Tester Shah Ali S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/1060
0422 Mohammad Abdul Hamid Office Sohayok Shah Ali S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/1064
1479 Mohammed Shahriar Khaled Assistant Engineer Substation & Protection Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/1156
1103 Musammat Shimu Akter Office Assistant Uttarkhan S&D Division Noc#DESCO/HQ/ADMIN-A(47)MISC-47/2017/1130



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