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What all utility bills should contain?

Bills – for electricity – should always be dated and contain the following information (usually on the first page of the bill):

  • Your name and address
  • Your customer account or reference number (always quote this when you contact your supplier)
  • The name of your supplier and its contact details
  • How much you need to pay (including any money owed from previous bills) and when you need to pay by

More detailed information

The following more detailed information about the amount of energy you’ve used is often found on a separate page of the bill :

  • Billing period – the period in which you used the energy you’re being charged for
  • Meter readings – the difference between the previous and latest reading is the amount of energy (measured in kilowatt hours or kWh) you’ve used
  • The amount your supplier is charging you for each kWh of electricity. If you pay a standing charge (which covers things like meter readings and the cost of keeping you connected to the network) you’ll pay a single rate; if not then you will pay a higher price for a given number of units and then a lower rate thereafter
  • Meter number – if your supplier has changed your meter during the billing period you’ll see readings for two different meter numbers

DESCO is not engaged with cash transaction against electricity bill collection.

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