Grameenphone's BillPay service

Grameenphone's BillPay service brings you a hassle free and secured solution to pay your utility bills. Now you can easily pay utility bills from your nearest BillPay marked shop or through your own GP mobile! Standing in a long queue for paying bills is only something in the past now!

Availability: Now you do not have to run around to different places for your bill payment. BillPay service is now at your side. Just go to your nearest BillPay marked shop and pay your bills or you can even pay your bill through your own GP mobile.

Convenience: Through this service you can easily forget about the troubles of standing in a line, maintaining the schedules of the previous bill collection centers and also the difficulties of running around different places for the bill payment

Security: The service is itself highly secured as all transactions are strictly monitored by DESCO and Grameenphone.

How can you pay bills from your GP Mobile?

To avail this service, you need to register through SMS by typing Reg followed by a space and then typing company code followed by another space and then typing the bill account number. Send this message to 1200. For example:

Company Name What to type in SMS Note
DESCO Reg DSCO 12345678 Here 12345678 is a sample account number


As soon as registration is complete, change the PIN number sent from the System. You can then start paying your utility bills from any Grameenphone authorized Bill-Pay shop.


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