Electric Safety for Contractors

Several thousands of lives are lost & properties are destroyed every year by electrical accidents & fires. Careless use of electricity is dangerous & leads to fires, shocks destructions and death.

The safety precautions must be taken at every stage of electrical work and associated civil, Mechanical work etc.

Safety precautions are necessary & essential in design, Manufacturing, testing, transport, installation, Operation & Maintenance of electrical equipment and installations. Contractors are the major part to implement the jobs. So Safety rules & regulations must be followed by them & other related persons.


  • Safety procedures & standards for contractors are mentioned below:


FunctionPreventive Measure

Conductors isolate but not discharged /Earthed

Switch off and earth before touching

Structure/ equipment enclosure is not earthed (Structure may live due to flashover/induce Current).

Place danger plate "DANGER DO NOT TOUCH"
Install earthing System and earth the Structure/other metal bodies

Temporary excavation without fence. Cable thence without RCC cover.

provide fence to temporary excavation
provide cover to cable trench

Loose Contact, Sparking, Melting.

Periodic maintenance & check

Shut down program.

fill up the prescribe format with necessary information.
Using tag in different color for different purpose with mentioning information.
After Confirming the shut down (the line is dead) grounding is must. The jumper must be connected to the ground side first and then connected to the upper. when disconnecting the jumper, the upper end must be disconnected first

Erection or removing poles or strictures

A Suitable or Number of guys and or braces must be attached to the pole on structure in order to prevent uncontrolled movement

Pole Climbing

The line man must careful so that neither his hands nor and parts of his body will touch the ground lead.

Working on a pole:

i) When working in elevated positions material or tools must never be thrown. A bucket or hand line must be used.
ii) Grounds man or others must not stand directly under towers on poles when work is proceeding above.

Working on HV Apparatus

The related parts of apparatus on which the persons work shall be
a) Dead
b) isolated and all practicable steps taken to lock off form live conductor.
c) Efficiently connected to earth.
d) Screened where necessary to prevent danger and cautions danger notices fixed.
e) Relevant for work by the issues of a electrical work permit.

Works in live line:

Firstly confirmed special tools for live line maintenance, Experienced and trained responsible engineer, trained supervisor & technician shall be available.
The Authorized person in charge shall ensure that all person while engaged in the live line work wear and made proper use of safety equipment.
Wireless communication is established between work site and feeding substation control-room for emergency switching off the line.

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