Customer Service

DESCO strives to offer 'Service Excellence' to its valued consumers.Still it has to achieve cent percent consumer satisfaction.Consumer complaints in terms of billing error,rectification of names and address,etc. are seriously attended to.During the year 10,638 bill were corrected and records of 1,629 names and addresses were rectified on receiving complaints from the consumers.

Customer satisfaction is the key to success of any business which must be customer-driven.Our customers are our prime focus and we are to implement satisfactory customer service as deemed suitable.The issue was seriously considered by DESCO which led to the introduction of CUSTOMER'S ONE POINT SERVICE CENTER in each of the sales and distribution divisions.

Any consumer coming to DESCO's Sales & Distribution office,can get his/her desired service and solution from the ONE POINT SERVICE representatives.It covers:

  • New connection
  • Load extension
  • Service renovation or relocation
  • Billing and collection related complaints
  • Reconnection of disconnected lines and other related services

The customer service center are considered to be still at initial stage and yet to come up to an acceptable standard for which DESCO is giving emphasis on continuous training to employees.DESCO strongly believes that better customer service is an essential business discipline and its contribution to the success of DESCO is widely recognized.

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