Electric Safety on the Office

Tips on Safety During Works:

  • All Substation operations shall be performed by authorized persons.

  • All Stations and gates to switch structure containing energized high voltage equipment shall be kept closed & locked at all times except during visit / works by qualified employees.

  • Clearance are required to work on de-energized lines or equipment. The person receiving clearance shall test and ground all phase conductors or equipment before work begins.

  • Each employee shall wear proper clothing during duty hours. Proper clothing also refers to appropriate footwear, helmets, gloves etc.

  • Employees shall use approved safety belts & straps life line or other adequate protection as required.

  • When working from a portable ladder, the ladder shall be securely placed, held, tied or otherwise made secure to prevent slipping or falling.

  • All tools shall be kept in good working condition and shall be properly stored. Defective tools shall be taken out of service.

  • When working on or near energized lines or equipment worker shall not go or take any conducting object within the following specified distance:

KVClearance Distance
11KV 2ft
33KV 3ft



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