Internet Bill Payment
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Every consumer can now view and pay their DESCO bill on the Internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The service is fast, easy and secure.
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To start viewing or paying your bills online, you'll first need to login using your bill account number to view your bill,internet payment and other services.Once successful login, simply click on view bill/view outstanding bill to access your DESCO bills.

Pay or view your bill with eBill

Viewing your bill online allows you to:

  • View a 12-month history of your paid bills
  • To take print of your bills
  • View a 12-month history of your outstanding bills

Paying your bill online allows you to:

  • Eliminate stamps and cheque
  • Pay directly using your credit/debits card
  • Hassle free payment

Take advantage of this FREE service

  • All consumers bill can be paid online using a DBBL Nexus Pro Card and other Cards allowed by DBBL.

If any query,Please contact:

+88 02 8900110

Online bill payment

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